Summer Blast Off! Explore Indonesia with TUTOR TIME's Epic Summer Program!

April 22, 2024

Hey there, adventurers! Is your summer looking a little…well, ordinary? Are your little explorers itching to trade screen time for sunshine and adventure? Then dust off your explorer hat because TUTOR TIME’s Summer Program 2024 is whisking you away on an unforgettable journey through the incredible Indonesian Archipelago just a stone’s throw away from your home!

Adventures in the Indonesian Archipelago is our 5-week summer program, designed to spark your child’s curiosity and creativity with exciting, hands-on activities that are uniquely Indonesian. We’ll be teaming up with real-life experts to learn cool stuff, create awesome crafts, and explore the amazing culture of Indonesia. Get ready to transform your child into a mini Indiana Jones and have a summer so epic, you’ll be telling stories about it all year long!

Each week is a brand new adventure! Here’s a sneak peek at the epicness waiting for your child:


This week, they’ll be shaking their hips and learning groovy moves inspired by traditional Balinese dance like “Legong” or “Kecak”. We’ll even have a special guest instructor to teach your child all the coolest steps.


Unleash your child’s inner artist and transform them into a batik pro! We’ll explore the beautiful art of batik making, a technique where they’ll use colorful dyes to create stunning patterns on fabric. It’s like magic – watch their plain white cloth transform into a masterpiece they can proudly wear or display!


Ever wondered what makes those yummy and healthy Indonesian drinks called “jamu” so special? This week, your child will team up with the amazing experts to explore the fascinating world of traditional herbs and spices. They’ll learn how to mix these ingredients to create their very own jamu concoctions – who knows, they might even discover a new favorite drink!


Get ready for a taste bud adventure! We’ll transform your child into a Spice Explorer, journeying across the islands (virtually, of course) to discover the incredible spices that make Indonesian food so delicious. They’ll sniff out different spices, learn about their unique flavors, and even get to try some yummy traditional Indonesian snacks!


Let’s celebrate the end of our Indonesian adventure with a fun-filled Kampung Carnival! We’ll get to play traditional games that kids in Indonesia play, just like a real kampung (village) festival. Think races, jumping games, and maybe even some cool new ways to play with friends!

This is just a taste of the incredible experiences waiting for your child at TUTOR TIME Summer Program 2024! If you are looking for a summer program with unique activities for kids in Jakarta and Bandung, this program is the perfect way to keep their minds sharp and create unforgettable summer memories.

Don’t miss out on this epic adventure! Spots are limited, WhatsApp us at 081389461648 or scan the QR Code below to register your child today! Here’s the best part: Sign up before April 26th and enjoy a special Early Bird Discount! Let’s explore Indonesia together and make memories that will last a lifetime!

TUTOR TIME Summer Program 2024 is available only at selected centers. Contact your nearest TUTOR TIME center for more information. Follow us on Instagram @tutortimeindonesia so you don’t miss out on our events and updates.

written by Shandy Lwieka,
Tutor Time Indonesia

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