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    Tutor Time Indonesia is proud to introduce the Learn From The Start™ curriculum. Designed to address the developmental needs of infants, toddlers, and twos, children will learn skills and concepts in sequence at their own unique pace. This curriculum lets you meet your children where they are along their developmental path.

  • We observe your child’s learning throughout the day as they:

    Work with toys and classroom materials

    Interact with you, one another, and other adults

    Respond to the language you model and use

    Engage in the experiences you plan

    Eat, walk, run, play, and just being a child!

  • Slide Physical Development Approaches to Learning Cognitive Development Language Development Social-Emotional Development Learn From The Start™ assesses your child's growth in 5 Developmental Areas:
  • The Learn From The Start™ educational program has 219 milestones

    These milestones are common behaviors and skills that infants, toddlers, and two-year-olds acquire as they grow and develop. They are the basis of our curriculum and what the children are learning. Within each of the five mentioned developmental areas, the milestones are presented in sequence—the order in which children typically learn these skills.

    The milestones are also separated by age range: milestones that infant to 12-month-old children typically learn and milestones that 12- to 36-month old children typically learn. Because the assessment forms present the milestones in sequence from infancy through 36 months, it allows you to see and track your child’s development holistically. It also allows you to plan and choose experiences connected to milestones that may not exactly fit the chronological age of the children in the classroom.

    However, you may find that some of your children are ready to learn, for example, more advanced language skills but are still learning skills in the 8- to 12- month range in social-emotional development.

  • We have 6 Learning Centers for Toddlers:

    • Movement Center
    • Language Center
    • Pretend Center
    • Block and Manipulatives Center
    • My Space
    • Art and Sensory Center
  • We have 6 Learning Centers for Twos, Twaddlers, and Preppers:

    • Movement and Music Center
    • Language and Literacy Center
    • Pretend Center
    • Block and Math Center
    • My Space
    • Art and Sensory Center
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