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  • Adventures in the Indonesian Archipelago

    It’s summertime! TUTOR TIME’s Summer Program is back again this year, and this time with a touch of Indonesian culture and tradition. Kids will take part in a wide variety of exciting activities, such as learning Indonesian traditional dance, cooking traditional dishes, mixing Indonesian herbal drink (jamu), drawing batik patterns, and playing authentic Indonesian traditional games.

    So, what are you waiting for? Grab your sunglasses, buckle up, and we’ll take your child sailing across the Indonesian archipelago.


    A Summer Escape to Hidden Gems!

    with Tutor Time Indonesia


    Week 1 

    27 May – 31 May

    Bali Beats n’ Jive

    Kids will learn through the graceful motions of Indonesian traditional dances like the Legong, Kecak, or Saman. From intricate hand movements to lively footwork, these activities promise not only a physical experience but also a deeper understanding and appreciation for Indonesia’s artistic and cultural expressions. Join the rhythm, feel the beat, and let the joy of Indonesian dance captivate your spirit in a celebration of tradition and unity.

    Week 2 

    3 June – 7 June

    Little Batik Crafters

    Kids immersed in the art and craft of Indonesian batik. With kid-friendly tools and materials, young artists get to explore the enchanting world of batik design. From whimsical animals to playful patterns, each child’s creation becomes a unique fusion of artistic expression and Indonesian cultural inspiration. The process of applying wax, experimenting with colors, and revealing the final designs brings joy and a sense of accomplishment to these budding artisans. As they delve into the playful world of batik, kids not only unleash their creativity but also gain a hands-on appreciation for the traditional artistry that has enriched Indonesia for generations.

    Week 3 

    10 June – 14 June

    Jamu Junior Lab

    In this engaging STEM project, kids explore the art of mixology while creating the traditional Indonesian herbal drink, jamu. Armed with beakers, fresh herbs, and a dash of creativity, little mixologists dive into the art of precise measurements as they blend various herbs to concoct their own unique jamu recipes.

    The project not only stimulates their taste buds but also introduces them to the cultural heritage of Indonesia. Through hands-on experimentation, kids discover the harmony of science and tradition, making this STEM activity a delightful blend of education and fun. As they sip on their creations, the young scientists proudly showcase the delightful world of Indonesian herbal elixirs.

    Week 4 

    17 June – 21 June

    Spice Explorers

    Embark on a flavorful journey with your little chefs as they discover the vibrant world of Indonesian cuisine! In these fun cooking activities, kids will dive into the aromatic realm of spices, learning about their unique flavors and uses in traditional Indonesian dishes. Through hands-on cooking experiences, they’ll create mouthwatering delicacies like lemper or surabi, infusing each dish with the rich heritage of Indonesian flavors. It’s an adventure that tantalizes taste buds while sparking curiosity about diverse cultures and culinary traditions!

    Week 5 

    24 June – 28 June

    Kampung Carnival

    Transport your kids to the lively world of Indonesian culture through a medley of traditional games! In these engaging activities, children will revel in the excitement of timeless Indonesian pastimes. From “Benteng” to “Enggrang,” “Congklak” to “Gobak Sodor,” each game holds a piece of Indonesia’s vibrant heritage. They’ll learn the rules, experience the thrill, and embrace the joy of these age-old pastimes, fostering teamwork, laughter, and cultural appreciation along the way. It’s an adventure that weaves together fun and tradition in a tapestry of playful exploration!

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