5 – 6 Years Old

  • Our program continues the LifeSmart™ curriculum with STEM education and K-level instruction in reading, writing, investigating, and leadership, in the structure, format, and environment of a kindergarten classroom, in order to prepare them for elementary school.

  • LifeSmart™ curriculum: based on the Multiple Intelligences theory of learning and education, this curriculum focuses on 8 different ways children can learn and understand the world.

  • We focus on how to follow multi-step instructions, find multiple ways to solve problems, organize work, control impulses, sustain attention, how to work independently and in a group, and how to set goals and develop critical thinking (reasoning and analyzing).

  • In our classrom, your child will learn word building and decoding, understanding stories and informational text, reading and writing to communicate ideas, using the scientific method to study the world, advanced STEM skills, and I Love Me social-emotional skills for social and academic success.

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