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    Welcome to Tutor Time, the specialist in early childhood education and the best preschool and kindergarten in Indonesia since 1996.

    Tutor Time’s international preschool and kindergarten centers across Jakarta, Tangerang, and Bandung apply programs developed by Tutor Time USA. We provide various playgroup sessions with the utmost care, giving invaluable learning opportunities for children aged 6 months to 6 years old. With a reputation for being the best preschool and kindergarten in Indonesia, you can count on us to deliver the best results for your child!

  • Understanding Social-Emotional Skills

  • Locations Across Jakarta, Bandung, and Tangerang

  • School Readiness Pathway

    We believe education is not a one-size-fits-all experience. The School Readiness Pathway is designed to empower you with comprehensive educational options to create the most fitting path for you child.

    • Minime
      6-18 months
      • Designed to promote parental bonding and family building. This program encompasses learning areas based on a child's developmental milestones and interests.
    • Toddlers
      1 – 2 years old
      • Designed to cultivate and nurture your toddler's natural curiosity and creativity. This program utilizes our Learn from The Start™ curriculum to focus on reaching and mastering important emerging milestones.
    • Twos
      2 - 3 years old
      • Designed to continue developing the milestone-driven lessons from our Learn from The Start™ curriculum. This program will encourage your child to make friends and develop mental and physical coordination, as well as self-help skills.
    • Preschool
      3 - 4 years old
      • Designed to combine the LifeSmart™ curriculum with a wide range of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities in order to prepare them for preschool education.
    • Pre-K
      4 - 5 years old
      • Designed to prepare your child for kindergarten. This program combines previous curriculums with lessons in Literacy Wonderland and Math Funtastic programs in order to improve literacy and early math skills.
    • Kindergarten
      5 - 6 years old
      • Designed to ready your child for elementary school. This program combines previous curriculums with K-level instructions in reading, writing, investigating, and leadership, so that they can develop critical skills for elementary school.
  • Our Difference

    Our unique programs use innovative curriculums
    designed to teach and support your child at every age group.

  • Designed to address developmental needs of infants, toddlers, and twos

    Designed to nurture your child’s social-emotional learning

    Designed to encourage well-being through fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle

    Designed to introduce Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

  • Designed to develop your child’s learning and education in different ways

    Designed to increase development in reading and spelling

    Designed to introduce early mathematical concepts

    Designed to build positive character traits and a sense of community

  • Health & Safety Measures

    Protective Masks

    We provide protective face coverings for all staff members to wear when working with children at our playgroup/nursery/kindergarten.

    Taking Temperatures

    We screen all staff members and children upon arrival at school to check for raised temperatures or evident symptoms.

    Limited Classroom Access

    We limit parents and family members to wait only in the common areas of the playgroup/nursery/kindergarten center in order to curb the spread of germs and control gathering sizes.

    Wellness Checks

    We conduct regular wellness checks throughout the day. Parents of unwell children are notified immediately to help stop the spread of illness.

    Safe (and Still Healthy) Dining

    We eliminate family-style dining and only serve pre-plated (or teacher-plated) meals to children.

    Enhanced Health Practices

    We strengthen our already rigorous cleanliness and hygiene protocol, including more frequent and longer hand washing, and cleaning and sanitizing surfaces and items in the classrooms.

  • Parent Reviews

    Tutor Time families come from all over the world. Their diverse background, languages, and culture combine to create a truly international preschool experience. Because of this, Tutor Time graduates show ready acceptance of others, confidence in themselves, and are prepared for the diverse community that is our world.


    • Great program and personal attention. Best early learning centre in Pondok Indah area

      Oscar Villalobos
    • The same love and safety my daughter feels at home is being carried over in this school Tutor Time is and always will be a blessing to our family.

      Cecilia C
    • Charlene turned from a shy little girl to a very confident and amazing intelligent young lady. Word cannot express the thanks that me and my hubby have for each and every Tutor Time teachers and staffs.

      Christian C
    • Great place with big open spaces for our babies to explore. Great curriculum and great teachers too. Love it!

      Pramanaya Prema Tjokronegoro
    • I noticed a big difference in the development of both my children as soon as they started attending Tutor Time which is why we enrolled them both to attend full-time (5 days a week).

      Sophie Bassett
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