How to Deal with Preschool Misbehaviors

May 11, 2016

Not all your preschoolers are going to well-behaved every single time. There are times when they whine, throw tantrum, fight with their peers, and do other misconducts. However, these misbehaviors can be considered as normal occurrences for kids in 3 or 4 years of age. Even if that is the case, you cannot let those misbehaviors without dealing with them right away. Here are some solutions to deal with children misbehaviors in international preschool .


What would preschoolers do when they do not get their way? They usually whine and beg until you change your mind and grant their wishes. You may reach the point when you cannot stand their whining and just give in. That action will encourage them to repeat the same behavior every time they do not get what they want.

Discipline consistency is be the best option you have. You have to make sure your preschoolers understand the message that ‘no means no’. Do not waiver if you want to stop their whining. The bottom line is you have to put extra effort to stop whining as a life-long habit for the children.


Kids usually are not intending to be insulting even if they are rude to their teachers. It is possible they just repeat inappropriate phrases they pick up from people around them or the parents. You can prevent or stop them to do something like that by talking with them about what language and behavior is appropriate to use in international preschool. Set clear expectations so the chance for them to slip up is slim to none. If they are unintentionally being insulting, ask them to write a note of apology.

Baby Talk

There are some reasons why preschoolers revert to baby talk, such as to gain attention or they feel stress or anxious about school environment. You can handle it the same way as you handle whining preschoolers. As long as you do not give too much attention to the baby talks, it will pass quickly.

Dealing with preschool misbehaviors is not that hard if you know the right action to take. The main point is you have to set things right about your expectation to the children in international preschool.

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