How to Deal with Your Preschooler’s Imaginary Friends

July 11, 2016

Play make-believe is something children usually do. If they have a good imagination and are creative, children tend to invent imaginary friends to accompany them when they play. If your little one claims to have one, you may feel anxious whether it is normal or not.

Especially when you start thinking about enrolling them to preschool Jakarta . The truth is, you do not have to take them to pediatrician right away. Instead, you have to keep these information in mind when you encounter the situation.

Imaginary Friends Can be Helpful

You may start to worry when your child suddenly interacts to their imaginary friends in regular basis. Rather than worrying about that, you should think that it is another form of how your kid expresses their rich imagination. Keep in mind that the way children do things are different from adults, so does their imagination.

As an adult, you will not invent one or two imaginary friends, but that is another case for your child. Inventing imaginary friends can the signs of advanced cognitive thinking of your kid. Through those imaginations, your kid will learn how to process information, build relationship, and even act out the adult’s world. Even if it is not a conventional way, those skills will be useful when your kid enters preschool Jakarta.

Will it stop?

While you have known that imaginary friends are helpful to your kid, there is another problem nagging your conscience. When will it stop? Gradually, children will grow out of their imaginary pals. They will disappear once your kid heads off to school, having real friends, and become busier with other activities. But, in case your kid still have one after they have entered primary school, you should find out whether it interferes with their social activities.

Does Your Kid Know?

Creating imaginary friends is a sign that your kid’s cognitive is developing. However, it does not mean they cannot separate the imaginary friends to the real ones. They know that it is only pretend play, as children can separate what is real and what is fantasy life.

If your kid has imaginary friends, do not rush them to see a doctor. Their pretend friends will help them develop cognitive and social skills, which are needed when they enter preschool Jakarta.

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