The Coolest Summer Ever! And Why is it Important?: Tips for Parents

March 19, 2019

Summer is the most cherished season for the kids, but can be a nightmare for parents. You may have known exactly why. As our kids have a long vacation and plenty of time to spend the day doing their hobbies, they soon get restless and bored. Meanwhile you cannot take a summer break from work to take care of the kids, so it is always a challenge for working parents to keep their kids entertained during summer break.

Sending our kids to a summer program may be a wise option. The various activities in the program can help them stay calm during the long break and not get bored. Besides, there are benefits of having varied summer activities for kids instead of just letting them stay at home, sit in front of TV and be unproductive.

Choosing A Summer Program Wisely

The following are some of the benefits that you should look for when choosing summer activities for your children:

  • Learning New Skills:

Regardless of the type of summer program you send your child to, they are going to learn some kind of skills. It is recommended to encourage new skills; for example, skills related to developing self-esteem, social awareness, appreciating the environment, etc. Even though they are in a basic day camp and what they learn might change daily, they will still be learning. Through learning skills from a trustworthy role model, they will be encouraged to learn skills they need to know to improve.

  • Social Interaction:

A summer program is fantastic for your kids because it allows them to learn socializing and working with their friends, while doing other things. Your kids will have an opportunity to learn how to socialize with other children who enjoy the same types of things, and do so while learning new skills, exercising, having fun, and the like. It is a funtastic way for your kids to get that life-experience social time in, as they are being productive.

  • General Intelligence:

One of the benefits of sending your child to a summer program is that it exposes children to the concept of experimental learning, the method of learning by direct experience, a first-hand role in their education and enjoyment. Just as the science class offers a hands-on and interactive philosophy, an environmental program encourages awareness of the earth’s treasures. A summer program potentially offers a learning-rich setting for children to experience a great number or a very specific thing.

  • Have Fun:

The most important attribute of a summer program is that should be fun for your kids to follow. Bottom line – the ultimate reason of sending your kids to summer program is that they will have a blast.

During the months of May – June 2019, Tutor Time Early Childhood Education Center in Jakarta & Serpong have an amazing Summer Program called “How To Train Your Komodo Dragon”. The program uses the adventure of Kiki the komodo dragon in its curriculum. Children will engage in sports activities, creating art, and learning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in various fun ways. You can sign your kids to summer program at all Tutor Time locations, available for children 1 – 7 years old.

Written by:

Cindee Spies, PGDE. MEd

Chief Operating Officer

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