Tutor Time Indonesia Supports Another Year of Education for Over 300 Under-Privileged Children

February 01, 2017

Jakarta, January 31st, 2017 Tutor Time Indonesia today donated all proceedings from Care to Share program to Red Nose Foundation. Over 1200 families contributed during this fundraising, which will go to facilitate the education of hundreds of underprivileged children in Cilincing, Jakarta. Representing Tutor Time during the ceremonial cheque presentation was Mrs. Melania Hamdan, Foundation Head of Tutor Time Indonesia, and representing Red Nose Foundation was Matthew Tyne, Executive Director of Red Nose Foundation.

Putting the “Fun” in Fundraising

Care to Share program was launched in October 2016 in all 9 of Tutor Time Indonesia’s campuses. It is a biennial fundraising driven by Tutor Time Indonesia to encourage parents and students to donate to one selected organization. Our parents & teachers also made great efforts by contributing their time and talents to create exciting fundraising events, which included bazaar, car wash, crafts auctions, and music performances.

“We are delighted to have held a spectacular fundraising event. It’s such a great opportunity for our children and parents to have some fun while raising awareness for such a worthy cause,” said Mrs. Melania Hamdan, Foundation Head of Tutor Time Indonesia.

Through the generosity of our parents and everyone’s efforts, Care to Share 2016 raised Rp382.000.000, which will enable Red Nose Foundation to implement its education and circus programs at the North Jakarta Community Center for Children (NJCCC) in Cilincing for the next 12 months. The programs aim to support educational and personal development for some of Jakarta’s poorest children through the engagement of passionate professionals and the purchase of circus and educational supplies.

“We never imagined the donation from Tutor Time Indonesia will be so large,” said Matthew Tyne, Executive Director of Red Nose Foundation. “Thanks to the donation from Tutor Time Indonesia, our programs for more than 300 children in 2017 are secure.”

Meisi Kacaribu, Program Director of Red Nose Foundation added, “before the opening of the center in Cilincing, we had only one room for all our classes. With our new center we can now serve more children and conduct the classes in a safer, friendlier place. The center will be an asset to the whole Cilincing community.“


Empathy at an Early Age

Aside from the spectacular amount raised, Care to Share 2016 also succeeded in teaching Tutor Time’s children about empathy for others. Empathy is an important component of social and emotional development so it needs to be repeatedly modeled and encouraged to children from a very young age. Tutor Time uses various ways to develop empathy and other social-emotional skills in our classrooms, from Toddler class to Kindergarten, throughout our school year.

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