Engaging Preschoolers in Classroom

February 10, 2016

Engaging children is easy when you know how. If you don’t have a lot of experience with children in many international preschool , it can be quite intimidating to try to get them engaged in an activity, and actually keep their attention for more than five seconds so you can teach them something. These are the core principals for engaging with children and keeping them involved in an activity.

Prepared Yourself

Downtime can be very critical moment. While you pause to look for crayons, the kids may try to take over the world. Before class begins make sure that you have all of your materials ready and know your lesson inside and out. Whatever you do, don’t sit and read a lesson to a group of preschooler and expect to engage them.

Active Role for Children

No one likes a lecture and children least of all. The best way to learn is by doing and children in particular respond really well to getting a chance to try something for themselves. You need to include them. Even if you are telling a story, you can get them involved by getting them to act out some of the parts, or predict the repeating lines.

Real Experiences

Your interaction with children is a chance to pull them away from the virtual world of computers into a real life sensory experience. Children love what they can touch and taste and smell. Reading about animals is no substitute for meeting real live animals. Even if you can’t get outdoors, you can still offer a real life experience. Crafts are great for this, so are hands-on science experiments and dramatic role-plays.


If you watch a popular preschool show there are no monotone voices or bland personalities. You don’t have to be the Imagination Movers, but you have the opportunity to make it come alive. Take every opportunity to make the word come alive as best as you can.

Short & Variety

Preschoolers have extremely short attention spans. Basically they can focus for one minute per year of their age. Less is more for little ones. Give them one short, amazing story with one simple point to remember.

Gaining and keeping children’s attention in international preschool to focus on you basically not a very fun thing to do. But, with the tips above, you should have more references to effectively gain their attention.

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