Developing Emotional Intelligence in Early Age

December 09, 2019

When children in their early age go to Early Childhood Center, children not only play or interact with their peers, but they also learn more about social behavior, including how to express themselves, how to take turns and how to apply empathy when dealing with others. Children learn through copying, conversing with and sharing ideas and experiences among peers. And when children are able to control their emotions, they can make better decisions and exercise more judgment than a child with poor emotion regulation. These are emerging skills for young children. For example; the way that your child communicates with others plays a major role in their peer interactions and relationships. They will learn that it is important to listen to others as they speak and not talk at the same time as other people in the conversation. They are learning to be themselves better and bring out the best of them among other children.

Nowadays, we as parents are likely to focus more on our kids achievement especially in their academic rather than their emotional development. Some parents for some reasons might get worry to let their kids going to school in their early age. In fact, there are a lot of early childhood centers that do not demand on their kids academic, but do more care and pay more attention on kids emotional intelligence. They provide positive environment and supported by professional educators. Moreover, the success of person is not guaranteed by how good the score they got during their primary and high school. Early childhood specialist believe that the emotional intelligence plays most important role for someone success in future. Though some parents still wonder what their young kids may learn from school, however; again all depend on the needs and the expectations of the parents. Some parents will look for academic school and some parents still looking for early childhood center that help them to nurture their children for lifelong learning.

written by Yenti Handala, 
Center Director of Tutor Time Pluit

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