5 Super Simple School Morning Hacks

April 19, 2017

Back to school means back to rushed, hectic mornings – or does it? Sure, the “kid-needs-last-minute-show-and-tell-item-as-we’re-running-out-the-door” mornings will happen at times, but hopefully these simple morning hacks can spare the family some frustration as everyone gets ready to go out the door.

  1. Set the breakfast table immediately after dinner so all you need to do is sit everyone down and plate the food. This also makes a great chore for kids even at the preschool age!
  2. Prepare lunches the night before. Pack non-perishables in your kids’ lunch bags and organize all perishables in baggies or containers in the refrigerator. In the morning, just toss those in lunch bags and go!
  3. On Sunday, organize all your kiddos’ outfits for the week. Here’s one creative way to organize them!
  4. Make a fun playlist! Groovin’ to some uplifting, kid-friendly jams can help put a little pep in everyone’s step to get out the door quicker. We’ve got a fun playlist here!
  5. Create a morning checklist to keep little ones on track and make sure they complete each of their tasks.

What are some ways you simplify your family’s morning routine?

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