It has been a year of quarantine …. Do you miss traveling with your family? Let’s join our EXCITING and FUN Virtual tours to exciting places in various countries. (Musium National, Louvre and Seregeti National Park. 

Like all children around the world, Kiki Komodo has to stay home in this summer, but it does not stop Kiki Komodo from having learning adventurous journey. Kiki Komodo is going to have a 4 week virtual journey visiting various thematic places.

Children will enjoy learning through various activities with a different thematic area each week like below:

Week 1: World Traveler Camp
Week 2: Adventures in Time Camp
Week 3: Art Expo Camp
Week 4: Young Zoologist Camp

Reserve a spot for your child and get EARLY BIRD Fee.

For non-existing students, please use the promo code below to get early bird fee depending on the center you wish to join:

  • Tutor Time Pondok Indah: #SETTPI
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Kiki Komodo is a preschooler Komodo Dragon who is living with his/her parents in the beautiful Komodo Island where being a Komodo dragon is their way of life. Kiki’s jolly personality and curious nature make his/her loved and care by other friends.

Unfortunately, as the Komodo island will be under construction for a while, Kiki’s family needs to move to Java island, where life is very different than their paradise one. 

While living in Java island, Kiki’s dream is to attend Tutor Time school in next school year. However, he/she need to learn a lot of things before joining the school. He/she only has 4 weeks to develop his/her new skills.  Can you help to train Kiki Komodo so he/she can go to school with you in the next school year?

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