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  • Adventure in Space

    For five weeks, kids will take part in a wide variety of exciting activities with a different theme each week, including sports, art, science, math, and nature.

    So what are you waiting for? Join the Tutor Time Summer Program, and we’ll take your child on a once-in-a-lifetime trip through the universe.


    Blast off to a summer of endless possibilities!

    with Tutor Time Indonesia



    Week 1 

    29 May – 2 June

    Galaxy Gym

    Get your body moving! Stay in shape through challenging yet exciting team activities that foster healthy competition among peers, improve motor abilities, boost self-confidence, and build social skills.

    Week 2 

    5 June – 9 June

    Big Bang Brush

    Let’s paint with a BANG! Become an artist and get creative with a variety of fine and media arts, including painting, sculpture, photography, and scrapbooking.

    Week 3 

    12 June – 16 June

    Space Scientists

    Put on your space suit! Discover the secrets of the cosmos through fun group projects and exciting science experiments.

    Week 4 

    19 June – 23 June

    Astro Chef

    Get ready to launch! Learn math and measurement skills to cook dazzling meals and become a star chef!

    Week 5 

    26 June – 30 June

    Alien Zookeeper

    Spark the love for animals! Get an up-close look at how to properly care for pets, and raise awareness about the issues of wildlife and animal conservation.

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