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  • Adventure in Space

    For five weeks, kids will take part in a wide variety of exciting activities with a different theme each week, including sports, art, science, math, and nature.

    So what are you waiting for? Join the Tutor Time Summer Program, and we’ll take your child on a once-in-a-lifetime trip through the universe!


    Blast off to a summer of endless possibilities!

    with Tutor Time Indonesia



    Week 1 

    30 May – 3 June

    Fun Athlon

    Fun Athlon

    Sports are fun! And even more exciting when it’s all about having a go rather than competing. In the Fun-a-thon week, children will have a great time participating in numerous age-appropriate physical activities. They will have fun making friends, develop their motor skills, enhance their self confidence, and develop their social skills as they involve in team play.

    Week 2 

    5 June – 10 June

    Art Attack

    Art Attack

    The “Art Attack” week will be filled with messy fun! Children will work independently and in groups on art projects to express their thoughts and ideas. Children will be exposed to a lot of different art media and techniques from photography, to painting, to scrapbooking. This will be a week full of visual exploration and wonderment!

    Week 3 

    13 June – 17 June

    Little Scientists

    Little Scientists

    Science has never been this fun! Taking part in science experiments will keep the children captivated by and excited about how the world works. Throughout this week, children will also be working in groups and participate in the Tutor Time Science Fair!

    Week 4 

    20 June – 24 June

    Dr. Dolittle

    Dr. Dolittle

    Animals bring so much joy to humans, especially the children. Throughout this week, children will experience a hands-on learning* on the needs of healthy pets and explore the topic of wildlife exploration and conservation. Children will also blend science with math and art as they each create and animal habitat.

    Week 5 

    27 June – 1 July

    Magic Kitchen

    Magic Kitchen

    The Magic Kitchen is not just another kitchen! It’s a place where the children exercise their math and measurement skills to create healthy dishes. Younger chefs will get involved in exciting cooking and tasting projects that will expand their culinary palates. Older chefs will be doing all that fun culinary projects plus they will construct a classroom recipe book! It will be the yummiest week of the summer!

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