We pride ourselves on having a renowned preschool across two locations in North Jakarta, Kelapa Gading. As we have over 200 children enrolled at our preschool, we decided to operate two facilities in order to ensure a standard-sized classroom with ample space for each of our students.

Tutor Time preschool in Kelapa Gading Kirana is suitable for children aged 6 months to 3 years old, while our other facility, Tutor Time Kelapa Gading Bukit, is specially designed for the older students aged from 3 to 6 years old.


We are a distinguished facilitator of early childhood learning. We follow an exclusive curriculum specially designed by Tutor Time USA, delivered by our highly experienced teachers and dedicated staff. We teach children with both the utmost professionalism and passion, in order to facilitate a safe and secure learning environment.

Our programs are specially designed to ensure that we cater to the needs of your child. We present a stimulating and visually-enhanced environment, in order to provide ample sensory experiences and diverse learning opportunities for growth and development. We warmly endorse creativity, mobility and exploration by way of innovative and extended learning.

At Tutor Time, we offer a renowned range of programs, including Mini Me, Toddlers, Twos, Preschools, Pre-K and Kindergarten. To read about all of our programs in greater detail, please visit here.


We have various locations throughout Indonesia, including Bandung, Jakarta, and Tangerang. For further information or enquiries regarding any of our programs, please contact our friendly team or fill out our easy online enquiry form here.

To find out more about our preschool in Kelapa Gading, please contact us at the provided details below.

Gading Kirana Utara Blok E10/28, Jakarta Utara
Ph: (021) 4587 7313
+6221-45877312 (Click to chat with us)

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