Payment Instructions
  1. Please select ‘School Fees Payment‘ below by pressing the ‘Add to cart‘ button.
  2. Press ‘View Cart‘.
  3. Enter Coupon if you have been provided with one.
  4. Press ‘Proceed to Checkout‘ button.
  5. on ‘Checkout Page‘, type in the amount that you are going to pay, then press the red ‘Enter Amount To Be Paid‘ button.
  6. Enter all required billing details: your child’s name, your full name, your mobile phone number and your email address, also additional information if any.
  7. Select the payment method: Payment using Credit Card or payment using BII VA.
  8. Press the ‘Place Order’ button‘.
  9. On the ‘Checkout Page’, please make sure once again all the transaction details, once you are happy with the transaction press the ‘Confirm and Pay’ button.
  10. a. Payment with Credit Card
    • On the ‘Espay Page‘, fill in all the necessary details of your credit card accordingly.
    • Tick the box next to “Simpan Data Kartu Kredit Anda (Terenkripsi), if you wish to save your credit card details for future use.
    • Leave the Credit Card Visa/Master/Amex checked.
    • Press the “Lanjutkan” button to proceed, or the “Batal” button to cancel.
    • Check again all the transaction details and press the “Selesai” button to confirm the completion of transaction process.
    b. Payment with Bank Transfer
    • On the ‘Espay Page‘, Please check all the transaction details, then fill in your email address in the ‘Email for full instruction‘ field.
    • Press the ‘Lanjutkan‘ button to proceed.
    • An email containing of instructions on how to settle the transaction will be sent to your email address.
    • Settle the transaction within the time limit given.
    • Press the “Selesai” button to confirm the completion of transaction process.