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Tutor Time has been a leading Early Childhood Education Center in Indonesia since 1996. Our curriculum, created by specialist in Tutor Time USA, develops outstanding age- specific programs that focus in meeting each child’s developmental needs from 6 months to 6 years old. We provide a secure, fun, caring and enriched environment that promotes learning and the development of the whole child.


LifeSmartTM curriculum
Our unique Tutor Time LifeSmartTM curriculum, which follows a “Best Practices” approach to early childhood education, is based on extensive research and inspired by the work of respected development/early education theorists Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, Lev Vygotsky, and inspired by Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. We recognize that every child learns differently and every child is smart. LifesmartTM also comes with a set of well defined and detailed goals designed to build your child’s cognitive, social and emotional needs.

Teachers are careful to facilitate and encourage, asking open-ended questions, that spur literacy development and support emerging writing and math skills. Preschool and up classrooms include learning centers that are designed around eight “Smarts”. These well equipped learning centers invite children to participate in self-directed investigations that build problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

From Our Parents

  • We couldn't be happier enrolling my son in Mini Me! The program has made huge improvements in his development through the stimulation he received in class.

    Mrs. Marsella Rahardja, Tutor Time Pondok Indah’s Parent
  • My daughter had wonderful experiences at Tutor Time and was ready for her to start at primary school with confidence. Thank you, Tutor Time.

    Mrs. Mony, Tutor Time Pluit Parent
  • I love that the teachers really do care about the children and there's always open communication between the teachers and parents.

    Melissa Hendranata, Tutor Time Pondok Indah Parent
  • After sometimes in Tutor Time our son started to speak English fluently and he became self- confident and he could express himself very well. Not only that, he was reading, writing and spelling very well too.

    Mr. & Mrs. Kwon, Tutor Time Kelapa Gading Bukit Parents
  • I believe we have made the right choice for our loved ones, thank you Tutor Time.

    Mr. Jemmy and Mrs. Tjahjani, Tutor Time Surabaya parents
  • During our son's time in Tutor Time, we can see that he is always surrounded by teachers who sincerely care for him and great friends to play with.

    Zaki & Silvia, Tutor Time Kelapa Gading Kirana Parents

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